Meet Coach Brendan K.! He is a Manchester United fanatic living in the Chicago area who currently plays professional soccer in the MLS. Coach Brendan coaches with a positive attitude and uses his years of playing experience to train athletes. He believes that the key to succeeding in soccer and life is responding positively to setbacks.

Tell us about your soccer career.

I am currently a professional soccer player with the Chicago Fire. I played in Europe; in Ireland and in Norway. Also, I played for four years at the University of Notre Dame, represented the US at the U17 World Cup, and was on the U20 National Team.

Why did you decide to become a private coach?

I became a private coach because I find it really rewarding to see players grow and improve under my guidance. I really like to see a player’s improvement after a week of hard work.

What can a client expect from private lessons with you?

Clients can expect sessions that are fun, but also very challenging. I like to motivate my players to get the most out of every session in a way that is engaging and enjoyable. I am very positive as a coach. I encourage my athletes through positive reinforcement while helping them push their limits.

Who is your favorite coach and why?

My favorite coach of all time would be Alex Ferguson of Manchester United. The success he had as a manager is unparalleled. His ability and willingness to win and succeed is why he is my favorite coach. He is part of why Manchester United is my favorite team.

What is your favorite moment in your athletic career?

My two favorite moments in my athletic career are representing the US at a youth World Cup and signing my first professional contract.

Do you have any success stories from coaching an athlete?

I have been working with one particular athlete for over four years now. At the beginning of our time together, she was lacking a lot of the skills needed to make it at the college level. After many sessions together and her decision to fully commit herself to the sport, she received a scholarship to play in college.

What is your favorite sports movie?

A movie about Manchester United, called United. It’s a true story about the Manchester United team of the late 1950′s.

Do you have any surprising talents?

I’m pretty good on a drumset!