Smarter Training For Better Performances

Smarter Training For Better Performances

In this brief slideshow, I want to highlight pictures related to big concerns and growing problems within the world of youth sports, specifically football. Simply put, kids are much less active. In fact, only about 50% of high school students meet the minimum standard of 60 minutes of physical activity at a rate of 5 times per week.

What’s the ripple effect then as it relates to football?

These days, athletes are more prone to injury because their bones are being supported by literally weak muscles. Kids are essentially less athletic because, in playing less, they are uncoordinated and lack the ability to control their bodies at higher rates of speed or changes of direction. Not to mention, the issue of an overweight American, we’ve got plenty of athletes whose muscles who cannot support their frames.

Please take the time to read and ideally add some further thought to your off-season training regime. Click my name above to check out my profile and find out how I might be able to help you train harder and smarter!

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