Setting Goals With Your Football Coach

You have the football skills: a good arm, soft hands, and quick feet. However if you want to play at the next level you are going to have to get bigger, stronger, and faster. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to set goals for yourself. You must set short-term and long-term goals. We can help you find a football coach that will help you set and reach these goals. Goals are great motivation for young athletes who want to improve. Football coaches can help you in this department. They have been around the game for a while. They will have the right football workouts to help you reach your goals.

Goals to Set: Whether you’re a high school football player who wants to play in college or you already play college football and you want to go pro, football coaches are looking for certain measures of strength and speed. There is a reason coaches pay so much attention to the NFL combine. Manti Teo was a great college football player, but he lost a couple spots in the draft because of a poor 40-yard dash time.

Speed is key obviously for wide receivers, defensive backs, and running backs, but it is also important for all linemen. Coaches are looking for the complete package. Strength means nothing if you can’t move your feet fast enough to use it.

In addition to speed, SIZE is important in football. You cannot change your height, but your weight is something you should work on. Every football coach looks at it. Obviously they don’t want this weight to be useless, so they will pay attention to how you perform different football workouts. Work on your bench press, squat, and broad/vertical jump.

Short Term Goals: It helps your development to set benchmarks each week. Weigh yourself. Do a one-rep max on your bench press. Measure your squat weight, vertical jump, broad jump, and 40-yard dash. Now that you have recorded your weight and football workouts, work hard with your football coach throughout the week to improve these numbers and eat… A LOT. When the week is over, weigh yourself and test yourself. Your goal for every week should be to beat your previous week. Even if you’re marginally getting better, you’re still going in the right direction.


Long Term Goals: There are a couple ways you can set long-term goals. What has always helped me is to look at people who I admire, get their numbers, and strive to break them. Whether it be older players on your team or players at the next level. Find their bench weight, 40-yard dash, etc. and beat it. They are proven players. If you can do what they have done then it helps you get to the next level. Once you beat their numbers, don’t stop. Find somebody who you admire more, and try to beat their numbers. This will help you improve and get on football coaches’ radar.

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