Many runners feel the need to run with music to keep themselves distracted and entertained. They believe that the beat of the music will help them set a good pace and keep them on track. However, these so called “benefits” can actually be detrimental to your run, and running without music actually proves to be a lot more advantageous. Here are just a few of the reasons you should try running unplugged:

Set the right pace: Many runners become overzealous when listening to their music and pick a pace that aligns with a beat that is far too fast. While you may feel great for a few minutes, this will slowly fade and ultimately you will be too tired to keep running. If you’re running without music you can easily set the right pace for you without the influence of a fast beat.

Regulate your breathing: When running with music, it’s easy to ignore what your body is trying to tell you. In fact, one major reason runner often use music is to block out their heavy breathing. However, a runner needs to listen to their breathing to ensure they are not pushing themselves too hard too early. By taking out their headphones, a runner becomes in tune with their body and will be able to run for a longer period of time.

Smell the roses: Running outside has a lot of benefits besides just getting a great workout in. You have the opportunity to explore new sites and enjoy the great outdoors. Or you can bring a running buddy along and use your run as an excuse to catch up with a friend. When running with music, you tend to miss the details of your surroundings and don’t have the opportunity to socialize with others.

Forget your charging woes: You’ve got enough going on in your life as it is, why worry about keeping your music devices charged? The beauty of running is that all you really need is a pair of shoes and you’re ready to go. It’s meant to be hassle free, just let it be.

Stay Safe: The most important thing of all is that you stay safe while running. Running with headphones in prevents you from hearing the surrounding traffic and a runner could get hit if they aren’t completely aware of their surroundings. Take out those headphones so that you can safely enjoy your run.

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