Rory McIlroy and the 96th PGA Championship

There are no limits as to how far Rory McIlroy will go in the upcoming PGA Championship. Rory has established himself as one of the game’s most talented and successful golf players. His most recent win at the 2014 British Open showed the world that he is here to stay, and as he matures, so does his presence on the course. Rory will be teeing it up tomorrow at the PGA Championship in hopes of winning yet another PGA Championship title. He has the talent, the work ethic, the support, and of course the experience. But then again, so does the rest of the field.

rickieThat field includes the likes of Adam Scott and Bubba Watson, and hopefully Tiger Woods if he isn’t injured. They are some of the most dominant players out there. One of Rory’s biggest threats is the vibrant Rickie Fowler, who has been knocking at the door for his first major win this year. Truly a great contender, he has been the most consistent player this year with 3 finishes inside the top 5 (major championships) and a cumulative score of 18 under. Rickie is a favorite as the last major of the year returns to the US, at the famous Valhalla Golf Club. That being said, Rory has had plenty of success in the States. Rory has been a star since he first stepped on stage. His first big win came at the World Championships 9-10 bracket in California. Since then, he has dominated Junior golf, Amateur golf, and won his first major at the 2011 US Open when he was just 22 years old. Though his success has come at an early age, it wasn’t without hard work and discipline. Rory has been putting in just as much effort on the course as he has off of it. He is in the gym several times a week to improve flexibility, develop stability, and increase his overall strength. What Rory is doing to get fit has translated into 3 major championship victories. While Valhalla has plenty of history and tradition to speak about, the game has greatly evolved over the last couple decades. Players rory hoylakemust have the total package just to compete, and by that we mean, you have to bomb it off the tee, be deadly with your wedges, and make every putt. The most dominant players have those skills and more. They combine power with finesse and even add their own flare. A player like Rory is very aggressive and goes for every pin. He doesn’t shy away from trouble as he carries supreme confidence. Meanwhile, Rickie Fowler uses creativity to score and climb up the leaderboards. He doesn’t quite have Rory’s length, but he’s proven that come major championship Sunday, he can hold his own. Who do you predict will dominate this PGA Championship? Image Sources 1- 2- 3-

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