No matter what sport an athlete is practicing or training for, there comes a time when they feel they have pushed their body as far as it can go and hit a wall. For many athletes this wall can be deadly and prevents them from further improvement. The more grueling the sport, the harder the coach needs to work with the athlete to overcome their current peak in search of a new, higher one. Kickboxing coaches know firsthand how hard it can be to push athletes over and beyond their boundaries. When an athlete hits their wall and loses motivation, it’s up to their coach to help them push harder and continue to improve.

Coachup kickboxing coach Bert W. knows how hard it can be to motivate athletes through their breaking points. With one of the most grueling fitness routines available, kickboxing coaches push their athletes to the verge of complete muscle fatigue in order to strengthen and build lean muscle. Keeping this in mind Bert knows the importance of pushing his students. “Athletes and clients are actually coming to someone, not only for their expertise in a discipline, but to be taken beyond what they can individually do. An experienced kickboxing coach or trainer has the ability to make a person go beyond what they think their limitations are.” This is the point, Bert notes, where the actual growth of the athlete comes in. “An athlete or client grows through running an extra lap, or doing a few more repetitions or in my case, finishing out a round as strong as they started it,” he says.

Personal kickboxing coaches know just how far to push their athletes to improve but not over train. Over training can lead to injury and in fact do more long term harm to the athlete than good. Athletes who are in sync with their kickboxing coaches can trust that they will know how far to safely push them toward improvement. By having trusted coaches behind them, athletes feel safe following their coach’s suggestions to push themselves beyond their limits to a new height in their athletic fitness.