Poll: Should radar guns be allowed in youth sports?

Poll: Should radar guns be allowed in youth sports?

Yesterday, Hall of Fame pitcher John Smoltz made waves by saying that radar guns should be banned from youth sports — but do you agree? Smoltz, who racked up 213 wins over his illustrious 21-year career, said that the addition of radar guns can do more harm than good. He spoke at the Youth Sports Health Symposium in Windermere, Florida and added a very interesting perspective to the scouting conversation:

“I would ask every organization to put it away, quit using it for social media, quit using it for guidelines for kids to see how hard they throw. To me, if you abolish the radar gun and only let the true scouts dictate what that is, I think you do the sport a service for the young kids who are trying to throw as hard as they can. I think that would help.”

Smoltz, who had Tommy John done in 2000 would love nothing more than to protect the arms of young athletes. With that being said, do you agree with John Smoltz? Vote below or comment on Twitter or Facebook!

AJC.com: Smoltz: Radar guns not good for youth sports

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