No Pool, No Problem

Think swimmers can only get a solid workout in the pool? Think again! When swimmers aren’t in the pool, they can take advantage of exercises called ‘dryland’, which are mostly used to strengthen areas that are heavily used in the pool.

Here are 5 exercises for swimmers to do when outside of the pool to enhance their swim workouts.

  1. Flutter kick
    Lying on your back, hold your feet straight out with your toes pointed, if possible. Your feet should be approximately 6 inches off the ground. For about 30 seconds, hold your feet 6 inches above the ground and pretend to kick. As you get stronger, increase the amount of time you kick. This exercise engages the abs, and after you get the hang of it, you’ll definitely start seeing the benefits in the pool.
  2. Squat and an added jump
    Start in a squatting position with your legs at a 90-degree angle. Hold your arms straight above your head in streamline position. Once your arms are in the correct position, jump up, then return to your squatting positions. Try doing five in a row. This benefits your start off the block, as well as flip turns off the wall.
  3. Running man
    For this one, you’ll need a friend, a tennis ball and a hardwood floor. Person one and person two will want to stand about half a basketball court apart – one person on the outside of the court, the other at the halfway mark. The person on the outer court line runs in place, while the person in the middle of the court drops the ball. As soon as the ball drops, the person outside the court sprints to the ball. The goal is to get to the tennis ball with as few bounces as possible. The purpose of this drill is to focus on reaction speed.
  4. Core work
    Core work in any form is always beneficial. There are so many varieties, that any ab strengthening moves you integrate into your workout will help. Short on time? See CoachUp’s 5-minute plank series for a quick core strengthener.
  5. Medicine balls
    Medicine balls are so versatile, but one particular exercise I recommend is using a medicine ball against the wall. You can throw it against the wall if you’re alone, or do it with a friend if you have a workout partner. You can throw the ball in different ways to help engage different muscles. Over the head, back and forth to each side with one hand, and the basketball shot are all ways to strengthen the arms. See CoachUp’s article for medicine ball workouts.

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