NIL: Do's and Don'ts

NIL: An Introduction

As of July 1st, 2021, previous amateurism rules related to the NIL (name, image, and likeness) of collegiate athletes were suspended after a Supreme Court decision, The NCAA vs. Allston. The decision of this case allowed NCAA athletes nationwide to receive compensation for various NIL opportunities and create/utilize their own brand. Each NCAA-member school is responsible for developing its own NIL policy where all athletes are required to report their NIL activity to their respective universities and adhere to state laws regarding NIL as federal law is being developed. However, collegiate athletes are still unable to make money off of their athletic performance. Additionally, coaches and universities are unable to pay prospective recruits for their commitment.

Utilizing your NIL

Leveraging your NIL is an incredible opportunity to take advantage of your platform as an NCAA collegiate athlete. It can allow you to begin building your personal brand as a student-athlete and jumpstart your business development that you can pursue during and/or after you graduate from college. As an NCAA athlete, you have invaluable experience serving as a role model for youth and fellow athletes. Many NCAA athletes want to become a coach and pass along these skills and experiences but are unsure of where to begin. CoachUp is the ultimate platform to advertise your athletic abilities and translate them into a coaching program. Our company provides you with a unique opportunity to work with individuals who are looking to improve their skills and pass along your knowledge to help them grow as athletes, teammates, and people. It can also further your own business development by serving as a networking opportunity with prospective athletes and other NCAA peers.

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