Nerlens Noel Joins CoachUp Athlete Advisory Council

We are pleased to announce that professional basketball player Nerlens Noel will join CoachUp’s new Athlete Advisory Council. Noel was drafted sixth overall in the 2013 NBA draft and currently plays for the Philadelphia 76ers. Noel will support CoachUp’s mission of helping athletes gain access to coaches who will help them improve their skills and develop their confidence. He will advise CoachUp on strategy, programs, products, services and other matters pertaining to CoachUp’s business endeavors. Noel will also participate in future CoachUp events, social media activities, and appear in CoachUp media. Nerlens_Noel_CoachUp_-23 Noel has been rehabbing during the NBA season after sustaining an ACL injury. During his rehab, he’s been working tirelessly with his coaches to return to form and rebuild his jump shot. “My coaches have definitely played a huge part in my early career and now getting me back out there,” says Noel. “They’ve put in a lot of work with me. That’s something I really appreciate. It’s amazing having my coaches give me that one-on-one time and help me work on my game, especially since I’m still just a rookie. I definitely share CoachUp’s belief that private coaching can change kids’ lives, and CoachUp is an organization I’m very excited to be a part of.” Nerlens_Noel_CoachUp_-12 The connection to CoachUp hits home for Noel in more ways than one. Both Noel and the company’s Founder and CEO, Jordan Fliegel, shared the same private coach while training in the greater Boston area. Fliegel provided more insight into the company’s first athlete partnership. “Nerlens is the perfect example of what can be accomplished through private coaching. He emulates the CoachUp mission and is a perfect fit with our brand given our shared belief that hard work and private coaching can help athletes reach another level in sports and in life.” Noel returned to his hometown with CoachUp to shed more light on his early years playing basketball, growing up in Everett, MA, and his personal experience with private coaching. [embedit snippet=”nerlens-noel-the-return-wistia-seo-embed”]   This news follows our latest partnership announcement with the National Basketball Retired Players association whose many members, former professional basketball players, are now offering basketball coaching on CoachUp. Get in on the action today and find your coach. 

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