Mastering Difficult Positions in Yoga

Yoga has been proven to be an effective way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and work on areas of ailment within the body. Positions vary in their difficulty level depending on the individual’s flexibility, muscle strength, and experience with the practice. Yoga classes start at a beginner’s level to teach practitioners basic positions and to get them accustomed to proper breathing. From there, positions called asanas become increasingly difficult to incorporate various muscle groups. It is important for beginners to make sure they master the basics before attempting to move on to more difficult positions and salutations. But, thankfully, CoachUp has put together a small guide to help those attempt to master the trickiest of yoga positions — read it and then go put them into practice!

Zen Master

When attempting more advanced positions, it’s important that members of the yoga class have mastered focus. Athletes must be in tune with their body and know its capabilities before attempting to push their limits. Visualization is a helpful tool as well, so utilize it. Before attempting a difficult position, athletes should take a moment to center themselves and make sure they are perfectly in tune with their body. Keeping the position on the top of their mind and visualizing themselves fluidly going into it gives practitioners an advantage over those who blindly attempt the position.

Many of the more advanced positions in yoga require the practitioner to have more flexibility and control over their body compared to the average person. Because of this, many yoga instructors require those in their class to work their way up from beginner to the more advanced positions, regardless of their current fitness or strength levels. Also, many of the simpler positions form the foundation for more advanced ones later on. Attempting advanced positions beyond your capabilities too soon is the quickest way to get injured in yoga.

After staying focused and knowing your body can handle the position, the next step is to make sure you have someone present as a spotter. It is always important when attempting more difficult poses to have someone in the room to instruct and direct you while making sure you are staying safe. Some positions, such as the headstand, require the practitioner to push up against something when first learning to get into pose, so it is best to have an instructor present to monitor form and technique.

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Huddle Up

Moving on to more advanced poses and positions is one of the greatest accomplishments when taking a yoga class. Beginners can often see the transformation of their body as they are able to conquer more advanced asanas with increased flexibility and strength. By making sure they take all the proper precautions beforehand, athletes practicing yoga can overcome their own limitations by pushing their body to new levels.

If you’re looking to learn more difficult moves, but are struggling at your local gym, consider booking one of CoachUp’s yoga instructors to help you out! Our talented team will have you more confident and ready for the big leagues in no time! What are you waiting for?

Be prepared for the biggest moments by mastering the small ones in the studio. 

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