March Madness: Improve Your Game While Watching The Tournament

During the excitement of March Madness, it is easy to sit back and relax on the couch all day watching your once perfect bracket slowly fall apart. Challenge yourself to grow your skills during timeouts and commercial breaks with these 3 drills.

Luckily, for sports like basketball, there are plenty of drills you can do from home that can help you grow as a player. Blow are three of the best individual basketball drills to try while watching March Madness.

Figure Eight Dribble

Take your ball and stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent. Then dribble your ball from your right to left hand by putting it through and around your legs in a figure-eight pattern. The goal is to keep your head and eyes up while moving the ball around and through your legs. The goal is not to be extremely fast, but to be smooth and under control.

Gif of figure 8 dribble
Image By Nic1709

Spider Dribble

This one is fun. Tough, but fun. Like the Figure Eights Dribble, start in an athletic position. Begin dribbling basketball in front of your body, only using your right hand – then your left hand – right hand (behind your body) – left hand (behind your body) – right hand (in front of your body) – left hand (in front of your body), and repeat. This drill is all about control. Focus on being smooth, not fast in this drill.

Image By Nic1709

Form Shooting

Start by lying on your back and shooting your ball vertically into the air. Catch it when it comes down and start again. The goal is to shoot the ball with good backspin and so it lands right back in your hands without having to move. This drill helps to improve your shooting stroke. As you practice, you can see up close how effective your follow-through and backspin is as you make adjustments to your form.

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