How to Increase Topspin in Volleyball Training

Hitting with topspin is a critical technique because it creates a movement away from you and towards your opponent in a difficult manner. After you make contact with the ball at a point just below its center, the ball is quickly and sharply forced downwards, a hit which is notoriously difficult for the opposing team to return. The technique, which is often incorporated in many types of volleyball training, is critical for players looking to gain an advantage in play. Perfecting the wrist snap, which makes the topspin possible, is an important tool players can use in both volleyball training and match play.


When first practicing the wrist snap, it is important that players start with the fundamentals. The first challenge is learning the feel of the wrist snap.

Start With a Tennis Ball Instead of practicing right away with a volleyball, players are encouraged to start their training with a tennis ball. Athletes should go through the motions of serving or spiking during volleyball training, incorporating the tennis ball when hitting, jumping, and throwing to practice the wrist snap. Repeating these activities develops muscle memory and gets the mind comfortable with snapping the wrist in the right way at the right time.

Moving On

Only once players believe they have mastered the wrist snap with a tennis ball should they replace it with a volleyball. Creating topspin on this larger ball should now be easier and more effective. Though executing topspin is important, accuracy is essential. During a volleyball training session, players should set up cones or targets to practice their aim, ensuring that they ball hits the desired target and stays inbounds. Players should practice both serving with topspin and spiking with topspin during volleyball training sessions before trying to use it in a game.

Be prepared for the biggest moments by mastering the small ones off the field. 

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