How to Get Out of Bed to Train When You Don’t Want To

With how fast life moves these days, for most, training and fitness fall down on the priority list. In addition to being busy, most of us let our diets slip too–consuming junk food on a daily basis. And to top it off, we have extensive working hours, most of which involve sitting. We know we need to fit training and exercise into our routine, but when do we have the time?

For most, the only slice of time available is the early morning hours before the day begins. But with the early morning comes the difficulty of getting ourselves out of our comfortable beds.

Here are a few hacks to get you out of bed and pumped up to burn some calories in the morning:

Make it Public:

One way of getting out of bed to train is to make yourself accountable, and one easy way in today’s world is to post pictures of yourself on your social media handle. Let the world know that you are trying to get fit. Not only will you be responsible to achieve your goals, but the encouraging comments and likes will also work as extra brownie points.

Create Inspirations:

How many times has this happened: you were so determined to start that workout session early in the morning but when it came time to say bye to your bed, it felt almost impossible? Well, it’s been the case for me for many years. And then I got this great tip from a friend: create and stick motivational posters on the front wall. With poster maker tools like Canva, it was easy. You can do the same too.

Creating posters specific to you makes it so your goals and inspiration will strike you right when you are losing focus.

Getting out of bed is something most people struggle with. But if your goals are right in front on you, it helps you remember why you’re doing it.

Blast the Alarms:

Alarms are our biggest enemy when we are fast asleep—nobody likes hearing that shrill sound in the early morning hours. It becomes tempting to just hit snooze (or just turn it off altogether and not get up).

A trick for beating the snooze/shut off issue is to set more than one alarm. Set one alarm in your phone and keep the phone far away from the bed. That way you will have to get up from the bed to reach the alarm to switch it off.

Though all this walking should wake you up, some of you harder sleepers may require another alarm blast. If you really need it, set another alarm clock in the bathroom. As soon as your feet touch that cold floor, you’ll be awake!


A psychological trick for motivating yourself to get out of bed to train is to remember the times that you weren’t able to. Remember the time when you were down with a severe injury and couldn’t get out of bed? Or the time when you were sick and prescribed to strict bed rest?

Every time your sleep comes in the way of your training or exercise think of these instances when you wanted to work out so badly but were prevented from doing so. Think on those times, be thankful for what your body can do, and go crush your workout!

Use Music: 

Listening to music during a workout is an old trick, but a good trick. Many athletes and those in the fitness world use music as a motivator and a hype technique. Create a playlist that plays songs that really get you going in the morning, and start playing it as soon as you wake up. You’ll be motivated right from the get-go.

Tap into Your Support Squad: 

You’re not the only one trying to get in shape—talk to your friends and see who else is trying to improve and use that! Get them to work out with you or hit the gym together.

When you have someone counting on you, the chances of you missing out on workout will decrease. 

Additionally, sharing posts and pictures of your training sessions and workouts lets people know what you’re doing, and may allow for some to reach out to join you. 

Give Yourself Time: 

If you have been a night owl for most of your life, becoming a morning person overnight is impossible. Get your system used to waking up early by setting the alarm 10 minutes earlier for a week, then another 10 minutes for the next week and so on until you hit the desired wake up time.  Additionally, going to bed early may be necessary if you wish to wake up early and feel fresh. Like your muscles, your body too needs time to adjust to your new, more active lifestyle.

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