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How To Do A Long Throw In (feat Matt Besler) | CoachUp Soccer Tips

Pro soccer player, Matt Besler, goes through the proper steps to make a powerful and accurate long throw-in. By using your core and aiming your body towards the target, you should see more effective results.

Matt Besler: Hi this is Matt Besler, pro soccer player and CoachUp coach. Announcer: Matt Besler Matt Besler: This is how you do a long throw. Woooooo! The throw in isn’t just about getting the ball back in play, it can be used as an offensive weapon now. There’s a big misconception about long throw ins, that it’s all about your arms, and that’s not true. It’s actually all about your core. What you’re gonna do is, you’re gonna take a big step forward. Kinda wind your body up into a coil. Athlete: Like this? Matt Besler: Yeah, just like that. The arms above. Good, and have this tight, it’s all about the core, remember. Athlete: Okay. Matt Besler: And you’re ready to release like that. Yeah, just like that. You’re gonna aim your body, not your arms, at your target. Athlete: Okay. Matt Besler: So if you wanna throw it this way, you’d aim your body this way, this way. Wherever you wanna throw it, you aim your body, towards the target. Athlete: Okay. Matt Besler: So straight ahead. Athlete: What’s up? Matt Besler: You’re supposed to stop on the yellow line. Athlete: (inaudible)

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