Why Group Training May Be Perfect For Your Child

Why Group Training May Be Perfect For Your Child

With the rapidly-changing and competitive landscape of youth sports in the United States, families are starting to consider different forms of training for young athletes. Here at CoachUp, we want to provide the perfect coach for your child, so whether it’s individualized training, group training, or online training, we want to lend a hand. Recently, we’ve seen a large growth in group training on our platform, but we know that the best kept secret in the world is still, well, kinda secret. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why group training may be may be perfect for your child!

Ability to Explore Different Sports
Many young athletes have an inclination towards certain sports, influenced by family, friends, and what they see on television. However, getting involved in these activities is not always simple– particularly so if you’re not ready to join a league or club. Group training is a great way to introduce your child to a sport that they may not be familiar with — whether that’s hitting a ball, learning how to skate, or making your first layup! Of course, the best part about group training is that it can be done with friends, adding an extra, sometimes necessary, layer of comfort. If your child wants to check out a new sport, group training is a great way to get a casual introduction.

Less Pressure Than One-on-One Training
As a beginner in anything, taking personalized lessons is a great way to help you develop your skill-set, but, taking one-on-one lessons can be daunting for some. If your child isn’t quite comfortable enough to jump into one-on-one lessons, try group training! Coaches often create groups of athletes with similar skill levels, so your child will have the opportunity to develop without the pressure that can come with working one-on-one with a coach.

Opportunity To Train With Competition
While one-on-one training is a great way to refine your child’s skills, there is immeasurable value in training with a little bit of competition. Training in a group can help your child prepare for in-game situations, and competition against those at their level will pay dividends when the goals actually count. Competing against other kids of similar age will give your child the expertise and ability to translate their  training into in-game successes. Some drills just can’t be done alone, so grab some friends and get better together!

CoachUp Play For Younger Athletes
If your child is younger (4-10 years of age), but still wants to get involved in sports, we have the perfect option for you! CoachUp Play aims to encourage collaborative learning, team spirit, health and fitness, and more through fun playdates and parties! Getting involved in sports and activities can sometimes be tough, especially if your town does not offer a league for a specific sport, but CoachUp Play can fill that void!

A CoachUp Play playdate is more flexible than traditional one-on-one sessions, and can be completely catered to your child’s interests, even if that involves  a few different sports. Sports and team-oriented atmospheres provide a strong foundation for kids to build social skills and develop friendships, so check out the CoachUp Play website to find the perfect coach for your child!

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