Get More Buckets By Doing These 3 Things Now!

Every player must realize that in order to score more, they have to have an attack mindset. Having an attack mindset alerts your body to catch every ball in triple threat, ready to score. Triple threat is the scoring posture of offensive players. It is your offensive starting position! Why is it called triple threat? Because you are now a threat to attack the basket in one of three ways, catch and shoot, dribble drive, or assist attack. You are looking to score in one of these three ways every single time the ball touches your hands.

Establish an attack mindset to find more chances to score

Once you establish an attack mindset and have become a threat to score at all times because you’re catching the ball in triple threat, you must focus on pivoting to find the rim. Finding the rim first allows you to lock in on your target and quickly find the best way to score. To their detriment, most players don’t locate their target first. They catch the ball standing up, out of scoring posture and seldom even look at the rim or consider how to best attack it. In this scenario, they are not a threat to score because they don’t have an attack mindset and they are not in a scoring posture to allow them to score. But, if the player will pivot while in triple threat and find the rim first, they can see if the defense is sagging. If so, then they should shoot the jumper. If the defense is tight, and they are closely guarded, then players should use their dribble drive attack. Creating separation from their defender and getting into open space to take a shot. If you notice that a teammate has a better shot at the basket, then make a pass to them for the assist attack.

Implement the triple threat posture and get more buckets today!

Any player can implement these three simple techniques immediately, which will allow them to see more opportunities to score and to determine which of the three ways to score is best—catch and shoot, dribble drive or assist attack. Getting more buckets starts with a scoring attack mindset that leads to your scoring posture, which is triple threat and then pivoting to find the rim to score.

Mesho Morrow is a highly regarded basketball coach in St. Louis, MO. She has high level playing experience and nearly a decade of coaching under her belt. Check out her profile here and book your next session today!

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