Fundamental Boxing Punches

Fundamental Boxing Punches

In boxing, it’s all about your fundamentals. Before you can become the next Muhammad Ali, you need to master the basics. Strength and power won’t do you any good if you don’t know the proper techniques. In the case of boxing punches, for example, it is important to learn the technique for each punch before you can execute them safely and effectively in the ring. The power behind each punch comes from practice and repetition. Here are the four fundamental boxing punches that CoachUp believes every boxer needs to know.


The jab is a quick, basic punch used to set up other shots, most often your power punches. It can also be used to to distract your opponent and create space.There are six key jabs in boxing: regular, tapper, space-maker, power jab, double jab, body jab, and counter jab. As for form, step forward with your lead foot, and extend your arm out towards your opponent to perform a regular jab. Quickly return your lead arm back into a defensive position. Your rear foot should then move forward towards your lead foot to resume the basic boxing stance.

Mayweather cross


The cross can be used in boxing as a lead punch, a counterpunch, or within a combination. It’s thrown by your rear hand, which moves across your body to make contact with the target. To use a right-handed cross punch, throw your right hand past your face towards your opponent and pivot your body to the left. As you pivot, you should be coming up on your right toe and rotating your hips forward. Reverse these steps to perform a left-handed cross.



The hook is one of the most powerful boxing punches when used properly. What makes the hook so lethal is that it approaches from the side and your opponent often doesn’t see it coming. In this punch, most of the power comes from the torso and legs, rather than the arm. Say, for example, you’re throwing a left hook. You need to rotate your whole body by pivoting your hips in the same direction. Have your left elbow come up as you throw your left hook towards your target, and keep it high as you follow through.

Jennings uppercut


Uppercuts are thrown when in close range with your opponent or target, making them rapid punches that can deal excruciating damage under the chin. The most important part of throwing the uppercut is getting your legs into the proper position. Bend your knees slightly and keep your hips down. For a right uppercut, lower your right shoulder and drop your right hand under your target. Rotating your body is where the power for your punch is generated. As you rotate, drive your right fist in an upward position to meet your target.

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Huddle Up

Once you get the hang of these fundamental punches, you can move on to more advanced skills like footwork and boxing strategies. Whether your goal is to competitively fight or to simply incorporate these techniques into your daily fitness plan, boxing is a great way to have fun and stay fit. Check out CoachUp for plenty of private trainers that can teach you these skills and more on your way to becoming a better boxer. If you’re having trouble with a certain punch or technique, consider booking one of our trainers to get you back in the ring with confidence!

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