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Football Training Tips with Coach Isiah – How to Break A Jam

Step-by-step football instruction on how to break a jam to gain space from the defenders, and to better position yourself to make a catch. Improve your game with this move!

Hi I’m Isiah Moore, former UConn wide out and CoachUp coach. And this is how you break a jam. To defend against the corner’s jam, you need to initially knock down his hands. As to press the defenders, the first initial action is throw his hand that jam you. He wants to get inside your chest area, shoulder pad area, he’s focusing on your waist. But as the ball snaps, he strikes at your chest. The shoulder is their strongest point, the form is their midpoint, and their wrist is their weakest point. We as wide receivers, always want to strike their wrists, we want to knock them off balance and defeat the defender. We have two types of releases. We have the swim move, which is over top; our dip & rip is hitting the wrist, and then taking our shoulder pads away, reaching for the grass, looking up at the sky, and then escaping.

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