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Five Keys to Becoming the Best Point Guard You Can Be

Elite point guards are known for their competitiveness, athleticism, and ball handling skills. They are also responsible for controlling the floor, play calling, and facilitating scoring opportunities. Being a point guard is a huge responsibility that typically requires innate leadership qualities. If you hope to get better at the position, or have the desire to take on the role, you should carefully consider each of the following tips.

5 keys to being a great point guard

1. Practice your ball handling

You have to read the other team’s defense, avoid traps, and get to half court ahead of the eight-second rule being called on each inbound play. The key to successfully navigating those obstacles is to practice your dribbling skills. You’ll need to be confident in both of your hands and maintain the ability to keep your eyes up at all times. A great point guard is always looking for opportunities to lead teammates to the bucket and dissecting what the defense is trying to do. Stellar ball handling will allow you to do these things simultaneously while avoiding the mistake of picking up your dribble before a clear pass or shot is available.

2. Strengthen your mental tenacity

No one on the court faces more pressure than the point guard. They are trusted to facilitate the offense and are expected to get back on defense when the team fails to score. If you are easily distracted or find yourself feeling panic in adversity, you’ll need to improve your mental game.

Do this by practicing with patience and becoming a student of the details. If you have all of the little things covered in practice, you will better be able to focus on competing in the moment. The most important mental edge for a great point guard is for each of their responsibilities to come as second nature when they are on the court.

3. Know your teammates’ game

Your teammates will be looking to you as the point guard, and they will expect you to call a play that will work. Sometimes, though, plays can’t get set up because of the defense. In these situations, when the offense has to go off the script, it is crucial that you know your teammates’ strengths. Improvising is a part of the job, and you’ll best be able to do it if you understand the types of players you are sharing the court with.

4. Avoid being a showoff

Being that the ball is in their hands so often, some point guards have a tendency to show off a bit. Over dribbling and getting cute with passes are two things that tend to get players in the most trouble. Sometimes these moves are needed, but a good rule of thumb is to keep it simple. Save the flashy trick pass or behind-the-back dribble for times when you need it, not just to impress the crowd.

5. Listen to your coach

The coach is the team’s leader. They see the floor better since they aren’t distracted by the physicality of the game. Follow the plays they design, and you and your team will have a better chance of winning.

Point guard is a tough position to handle, but if you commit to these five simple steps, you can become great at the position.

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