Luck is unchanneled Ki. It is a perceived randomness due to a lack of understanding of elements involved in a set or system.

Belief is a guess. It is based on a constructed template of the set or system in question. This construction can be based on perceived data from sensors (5 senses), and from mental conceptualization. Luck is involved with belief because the constructed template may or may not represent elements of an actual set, and/or its synergistic operation. This is directly related to the accuracy of the sensors and processing unit utilized, and to the accuracy of the standards used in their calibration.

Knowing is the gateway to wisdom. It is the understanding of a set or system derived from equipment that is calibrated with correct standards, and with an error curve that approaches zero. It is reproducible for all intents and purposes infinitely. Wisdom is knowing in action.

Faith protects intention, and intention is the director of Ki. Ki determines the form & flow of the universe. Intention directs Ki into its patterns, and therefore shapes and propels the universe. It creates the elements of a set or system and their interaction. Faith is the evidence of the unseen.


“When I turn my car’s ignition key the engine will start.”


This would be a belief if I only had a limited or guessed understanding of all the elements and their interactions required to start the engine. Even if I understand the Newtonian physics of the process, this does not account for X factors. Something may have happened to the car during the night, and left no gas in the tank or carburetor. If I have an understanding of the science of the vehicle with statistically negligible error and I have an accurate accounting & monitoring of the vehicle from my last time of use, than I can say “I know the car will start”. However, this does not mean the car will start. The car will start when the car starts, and it will start because the universe has directed it to start. This is where faith comes in; my faith, your faith, our faith, the faith of the universe, the faith of all things in one creator. If the universe “decides” to change the laws of physics guess what? There’s nothing I can do about it, unless my faith is greater than the universe’s faith. Do I believe the universe will change the laws of physics…no, but that’s my belief. How would I know? I don’t have enough information to understand if that is even possible, and my analysis equipment is faulty. On the other hand if the faith of all other influences were negated, then my faith would rule the day. However, I imagine that my faith would be rather chaotic…uh-oh!

So, it does seem that I, you, us, and the universe have a cohesive desire to maintain an albeit uncertain stability to things. Enough so that even those who don’t know much can survive. Ah, a merciful universe. Well, maybe not so merciful, but there is clearly room enough for a variety of beliefs to survive.

In conclusion: If I believe my car will start and it doesn’t, then my BELIEF is wrong. If I have faith my car will start and it doesn’t, then my FAITH is dead. If I know my car will start and it doesn’t, then I don’t KNOW anything. So, then what the heck is faith anyway? It seems to be both KNOWING & BELIEF simultaneously. It is a knowing of not knowing, and therefore shields intention from persuasion, corruption, perversion, derision, seduction, and deception. Although, my faith protects my intention, it does not guarantee the results. That is achieved by placing my faith in accord with the faith of all things. That can not be done by knowing because the human mind is incapable of knowing all things. That can only be received as a gift, by grace. In Aikido we have these unknowable and unbelievable events that occur. When a student experiences this they may ask, “How’d that happen? I didn’t do anything”? Sensei always replies, “That’s right! You didn’t, IT did!”