In order to maximize your softball workout and softball training you must do a combination of both dynamic and static stretching. Dynamic stretching keeps your body moving and your muscles warm, which helps prevent soreness and injury. Static stretching is more conventional; it involves keeping your body still.  An example of static stretching is bending over to touch your toes. Static stretching is good to do before bed or after a workout to work on your flexibility. However, dynamic stretching is more effective in preparation for a game or workout.  Dynamic stretches mimic the same motions you’ll make during the game, preparing your body to work those muscles. Here at CoachUp, we believe dynamic stretching can take your softball workouts to another level. To ensure that you are stretching correctly, or to get more softball tips and instruction, your best option is to work with a softball trainer or coach. 

There are many different dynamic stretches for each sport, but here are a couple specific to softball

Lunge Twist
Lunge Twist

Instead of doing stationary lunges, add a few steps between each lunge. This stretch works your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. The added walking forces you to keep your muscles moving, which works them harder. For softball, it’s beneficial to add a twist while in lunge position. Rotating your arms and shoulders 90 degrees helps warm up your core and back muscles. This will help with throwing and catching the softball.

Arm Circles
Arm Circles

While walking a predetermined distance, swing your arms in forward circles. Then while walking back to your starting point, swing your arms in the other direction. Arm circles warm up your shoulders and back. This stretch is crucial for all players, especially softball pitchers. 

High Skips

Skip forward, pushing hard off of your foot to maximize height and then repeat going backwards. This works your calves, quads, and hamstrings. These muscles are important for running between the bases and staying prepared on defense. 

High Knees

Bring your knees up to your hips while moving quickly across the field. This exercise will warm your muscles and loosens your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Stretching these muscles will make it easier to hit, play defense, and run bases.

Knee to Chest

Bring your knee up to your chest and hold it for a few seconds. While holding one leg, push up on your toes with the other leg. This stretch works your calves and hamstrings, making you more flexible during the game.

Dynamic stretching is fun, easy, and will take your softball skills to the next level. Although it can be hard to tell during the workout, dynamic stretching will prevent injuries and help keep your muscles warm. In addition, remember to keep hydrated before and after your workout and to stretch your muscles before going to bed.  


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