Drill of the Week: Improve Your Shooting

Drill of the Week: Improve Your Shooting

Just like that, we’re more than halfway through the 2015-2016 NBA season and the Golden State Warriors + Stephen Curry are atop the Western Conference. With the All-Star Break right around the corner, now is a good time to evaluate your progress, set new goals, and get hungry for success all over again.

One way to quickly improve your game is by shooting over and over and over. Whether you’re already a high percentage-hitting guard or a center that needs free throw help, there are shooting drills built for everybody. Over the summer, we put together a Training Center Article on the progressions that athletes should go through while on the court. Check out our favorites below, modify them to fit your needs, and get training!

Catch and Shoot
Simply put, just getting as many shots up as possible can do wonders for your form, technique, and habits. Choose a spot on the floor from which to shoot, then have your partner feed you a chest pass. The partner that makes the pass should come out to challenge the shot, while the shooter catches the chest pass and shoots, all in one motion. Have the defender track down the rebound, while the other partner finds a new spot on the floor and the drill resets again. This will help you develop a quick release coming off of screens or at the end of a possession.

Around the World
This can be used for a casual warm-up or a competitive game. Start by making a shot at the free throw line. Once you make the shot, fire from five marks placed around the three-point line. Go all the way around and make your way back — you’ll sink a total of ten buckets in the three-point range. Finish it off by sinking a free throw. Around the World is a drill that can be used to keep your focus and confidence up during competition.”

In the article, we list a few other drills worth doing, so be sure to check the whole thing out. For the Catch + Shoot Drills, try doing ten repetitions in a row before switching with your teammate — this way, you’ll train yourself mentally while also working on your endurance and conditioning.

We’ve even included a video from one of our CoachUp Coaches — so what are you waiting for? Grab a partner or teammate, set some guidelines and be your best version yet. For more basketball tips and articles, head to our Training Center and find out how we can help!

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