Drill of the Week: Dryland Stickhandling

We’ve neglected our favorite sport on ice for too long, so now we’re going to give it some love! Slowly and steadily, ice hockey in America has been growing in popularity thanks to new leagues, less expensive rink times, and more affordable gear. However, it’s frankly just impossible to be on ice to train all the time — so then what? Fortunately for those still looking to improve their game at home, it’s pretty easy to work on your stickhandling without breaking your mom’s nice vase! All you’ll need is:

  • a roller hockey or golf ball
  • your stick
  • and space!

We happened to put together a little guide to dryland stickhandling on our Training Center over the summer, so we’ve lifted the most basic drill from there. You can check out the entire article right over here, but this post should get you well on your way towards stickhandling greatness!

This is a drill you’ll want to be able to do in your sleep! Start with the golf ball in front of you and quickly handle the puck, swiftly shifting between your forehand, backhand, and at different blade levels as well. Then, after 20-30 seconds, move the golf ball to the right side of your body and repeat. After 20-30 more seconds, move the golf ball to the left side of your body and repeat. Soon enough, you’ll be able to do it all like clockwork, even switching between locations without stopping the process.

Pro-Tip: At first, it will seem unnatural to do it without looking, that’s OK! But as you get more comfortable, try looking up as much as possible. Eventually, you’ll be able to do that too. Just like dribbling in soccer, you’re a much more dangerous athlete with your eyes up and body ready for whatever comes your way!

Like we said before though, that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Check out the rest of our article and then our Training Center on hockey, get out there, and start impressing everybody around you! Best of luck with the training and happy holidays from your friends at CoachUp!

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