Once divers are comfortable with executing a standing front dive off of the diving board, many are intrigued to add fun new tricks to their collection. While doing a frontflip off of a diving board may seem to be an intimidating endeavor, all you need is the proper rotation and practice to make it happen.

For beginners, most diving coaches will begin teaching their student to flip in the water instead of the air. After making sure the deep end is clear of any other swimmers, try going underwater and flipping continuously to get the hang of the motion. Once you are comfortable with rapidly rotating your body forward, its time to get up on the board!

Start by practicing on the low diving board, standing at the back of the board with your feet together and arms by your sides. Check to make sure there is a lifeguard on duty and that there are no other swimmers in the deep end or by the board. Take 3 moderately fast steps towards the end of the board, and with your dominant foot (opposite from your dominant hand) jump off of the board. Bend your knees and push down onto the board to get enough spring and jump as high as you can forward into the air. An important tip to keep in mind is to make sure that your body is balanced and relaxed so that you are flipping forward with a smooth rotation.

Once you have taken off from the board, reach out your hands and begin to shift your center of gravity. Bend from your waist, as you had practiced in the water, and tuck your knees in. Hold your legs with your hands in the tucked position to get enough momentum to flip your body completely. As you finish your rotation, release your legs from your hands and straighten them as you glide into the water. Although you may not master timing for your dive on your first few attempts at the flip, the motion will soon become much more comfortable.

If performing a front flip where you land on your feet seems like too much, many divers find it easier to try a 1 and ½ flip where you land in a diving position. In addition to this, professional diving coaches suggest that beginners who are trying to learn the front flip dive should wear a tee shirt for their first few attempts off the board. By doing this, the impact for if you land on your back or stomach will be much less painful. Now that you have learned the steps for how to do a front flip dive into a pool, go out there and give it a shot!

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