Despite trade, Tobias Harris still spoke with kids in Orlando

Despite trade, Tobias Harris still spoke with kids in Orlando

The NBA Trade Deadline is today at 3PM but there’s one move that has already changed the culture of basketball in Florida. Tobias Harris, a promising stretch forward, was traded to the Detroit Pistons in order to gain some veteran leadership in the locker room for the Orlando Magic. Then a few hours later, and despite the trade, Harris spoke to a group of kids at the Deeper Fellowship Church.

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At first glance, this might not seem like much, but in the professional athlete landscape, it’s fantastic news. Harris sees the importance of the next generation, whether or not their dreams are to play in the NBA.

It would’ve been tremendously easy for Harris to bail on his obligations, especially after a life-changing trade, but he made good on his offer. Around the league, Harris is known as a charitable athlete and his generosity in the past has changed many lives for the better.

While the kids in Orlando will surely miss Harris, those in Detroit will have a new role model sooner rather than later — and isn’t that what youth sports is all about?

(Thanks to the Orlando Magic for the photo!)

Yahoo! Sports — Post trade, Tobias Harris honored a speaking engagement with kids

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