CoachUp Pic of the Month Contest

Spring is in full swing and you, our athletes and coaches, are getting outside and working hard to reach the next level. We love hearing your success stories and learning about how our coaches have helped so many athletes achieve their goals. That’s why we’re launching a new monthly contest to reward our athletes and coaches who share their stories with us. The next time you work with your CoachUp coach, snag a picture of you two together and then use Instagram to share the photo and details about what skill you’re working to improve. Every month the CoachUp team will review all photo submissions and select their favorite pic from the prior month. The athlete in the winning photo will receive a $150 CoachUp Gift Card and the coach will win a CoachUp Swag Bag. So make sure you remember to take a photo at your next session. Have a friend or parent take an action shot of you both or take a selfie together. Whatever you do for your shot is up to you, just be sure to get creative!

Here’s how the contest works:

1. Take a photo of you and your athlete training together and upload it to Instagram. 2. Explain what skill your coach is helping you improve. For example, “Working hard to become a better rebounder #AnotherLevel @CoachUp” in your post. 3. Tag us in the photo by including “@CoachUp”, as well as incorporating the hashtag “#AnotherLevel” 4. Share your picture on Instagram (Don’t forget also to push your post to Facebook and Twitter). 5. Check our Instagram on the first Monday of every month to see who scored a swag bag and the coveted title of “Pic of the Month.”

You must tag @CoachUp and include the hashtag #AnotherLevel to be entered.

We will reach out to the winner of the Pic of the Month selection every Monday via social media and then athletes and coaches will need to email us directly to receive their prize.

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