CoachUp Partners with Sports Management App, TeamSnap

[NEWTON, MA – August, 2018] – This week, the nation’s top private coaching app, CoachUp, announced its partnership with one of the nation’s leading sports management apps, TeamSnap.

CoachUp is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with TeamSnap. As leaders in their respective categories, the two powerhouses plan to collaborate to provide a more seamless experience for sports parents, coaches and managers. 

“Partnering with TeamSnap is a tremendous opportunity,” said CoachUp CEO, John Kelley. “We hear from our clients all the time—managing a team can be extremely time-consuming and challenging. TeamSnap’s tools give managers and coaches the opportunity to consolidate their efforts and remove some of the headaches.”

With a simple but powerful online interface, TeamSnap makes it easy to keep track of rosters, schedules, game and practice attendance and availability, payments and more.

“With the logistics being taken care of through this app,” Kelley continues, “our clients are able to focus on why they came to CoachUp—to train and to coach.”

Athletes and parents across the U.S. can search CoachUp’s database of more than 15,000 coaches in 30+ sports to find a coach who will help them improve at their sport through options including private training, group training, clinics and virtual training.

“Our aim is to provide the most efficient and effective experience possible for our clients,” Kelley said, “and our partnership with TeamSnap will certainly help us continue to achieve that.”

CoachUp is the safest and easiest way to find a coach for personalized training. With our 100% money-back guarantee and vetted coaches, anyone can achieve their full athletic potential. Find your perfect coach today and become the athlete you want to be! 

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