CoachUp Launches YouTube Channel to Share Expertise

CoachUp is pleased to announce expansion of CoachUp TV.   In an effort to make coaching accessible for all athletes nationwide, CoachUp has developed videos across 62 sports with tips from expert CoachUp coaches.  Each tip is broken down step by step to help the viewer improve their skills at their own pace and at a time that is convenient for them.  All featured coaches are also available to connect with athletes and can be booked for private training sessions.

CoachUp plans to continue investment in their video presence and will continue to build it’s library of great content.  CEO Jordan Fliegel commented on the importance of the project:

“Our investment in our video strategy not only helps support our business from a digital perspective but is aligned closely with the company’s values and overall mission.  While we help connect athletes with coaches every day through our core business, we fully recognize the value of having additional support that is accessible anywhere, anytime, from home or from your phone.  We have a robust content library of blog and resource articles; our commitment to producing video content moving forward is simply the next step in becoming the go-to expert in skill development.”

CoachUp partnered with Superdigital, a creative, digital agency based in Boston, to produce the videos.  Superdigital is a full-service agency obsessed with all things YouTube; they have worked with a wide range of clients including fashion designer John Varvatos, chocolate maker UNREAL Candy and New England Patriot Julian Edelman.  Superdigital was tasked with developing a direction and strategy to cut through the noise of YouTube.  Assaf Swissa, Creative Director at Superdigital, described the challenge:

“A YouTube search for sports tips will display a lot of how-to videos, but there weren’t many that gave a true feeling of expertise, even from pro athletes. These coaches are teaching at a very high level, and we wanted to capture their expert knowledge and pair it with the inherent fun found in sports.”

CoachUp will celebrate the launch of these videos with their online community by awarding several lucky fans who share the videos with complimentary coaching sessions this week.  Visit their Facebook page for more details.


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