CoachUp and EverybodyFights Combine Forces

CoachUp Announces Strategic Partnership with EverybodyFights to Bring Boxing Fitness to Coaches + Athletes

Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce a partnership between CoachUp and EverybodyFights, Boston’s Best Gym of 2016. As always, CoachUp is constantly looking to improve our product and experience, so a partnership with EverybodyFights is a natural fit. EverybodyFights will offer CoachUp’s 15,000 coaches nationwide the opportunity to add BOXFIIT™, the cornerstone of their Fight School program, to their coaching arsenal.

The unique BOXFIIT™ certification translates boxing fitness into an accessible program that can be applied to all sports training. There is a growing sentiment that zero ­contact boxing style training it is one of the best ways to arm athletes with the mental toughness and physicality they need to compete on and off the field. “Whether it be basketball, baseball, or soccer, boxing fitness develops the hand­-eye coordination, reflexes, mental toughness, sportsmanship, and discipline it takes for athletes of any sport to improve all around. I’m excited to partner with CoachUp to ensure every coach in America has access to content that demonstrates how to teach boxing and fitness drills safely and effectively,” George Foreman III stated.

The two powerhouse sports brands form an ideal partnership, embodying the good sportsmanship, integrity, safety, and type of competitive morals they seek to inspire in all athletes.

“Both CoachUp and EverybodyFights started in the same Boston neighborhood, and we’ve seen firsthand the incredible impact that EverybodyFights has had in the community. We think this is a natural partnership as EverybodyFights takes the rest of the country by storm,” John Kelley, CoachUp’s CEO, further stated.

For the full press release, head here. To check our combined forces in action, come check out our new website here.

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