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Coaching Sports Can Help You Reach Goals in Business

The term “boss” is given, but the word “leader” is earned. By simplifying goals and creating an atmosphere that balances high-support with high-challenge, you will see a transformation in your employees. Exposing yourself to a coaching role outside of the workplace will help you transform from a boss into a leader in the office.

Two principles of coaching that will help you achieve goals in the workplace

1. Simplify 

Small victories create momentum. It doesn’t matter what the task is. As a coach, you tell your athletes to focus only on the next play in the game or the next drill in practice. You build confidence from winning a single play, and in return, that creates a snowball effect on the overall game. The game of football is a complicated sport if you look at it as a whole. You don’t have 11 players with the same task each play, you have 11 players completing different tasks with the same end goal in mind. 

In business, simplification drives results. At the start of a project, you lay out your goals for the team. As a leader, it’s critical to focus on how to break down these components to help your team focus on the plays, or in this case, the steps to reach the ultimate goal. Setting micro-goals and delegating action to all team members will create small victories and enthusiasm to hit the next objective.

2. High Challenge – High Support Atmosphere 

As a coach, you are going to push your players to help them reach their goals. As you continue to push them, you can expect to see one of three different behaviors in your athletes—They will either work harder to improve their game, do just enough to get by, or stop working altogether. You have to be able to know your players on a personal level to understand what motivates them and what doesn’t. You can’t coach every athlete the same; if you look at some of the greatest coaches, they offer a high-challenge relationship while instilling a high-support for their athlete on and off the field.

The same mindset translates to business. As a leader, how well do you know your employees? You are spending more than 40 hours a week with them—do you know what they enjoy doing outside of work, or understand their motivations? By getting to know your employees on a personal level, you learn when and how to push them (high-challenge), and create genuine care for each individual and their personal goals (high-support). 

use coaching as a way to change your leadership style and reach goals at work

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