CoachUp Partners with Coaches Inc.

Coaches Inc., a sports marketing agency that represents college and professional sports coaches, announced that it has partnered with CoachUp. Coaches Inc. offers coaches services in contract negotiations, career planning,  and marketing and promotional opportunities. CoachUp will drive new business to Coaches Inc. coaches who are interested in offering private coaching sessions through the CoachUp platform. In addition, CoachUp will provide Coaches Inc. with assistance in running any coaching sessions or camps and clinics that it puts on. CoachUp is continuously growing the number of coaches (currently over 12,000) it has available for private coaching sessions across the country, and Coaches Inc. will provide CoachUp with coaches who have experience coaching at the collegiate and professional levels in both football and basketball. CoachUp’s Business Development Manager, Vasili Uspensky, was excited to begin the new partnership. “We at CoachUp are delighted about this new partnership with Coaches Inc. We’re helping provide their elite-level coaches with the opportunity for coaching jobs in the offseason, which is fantastic. We’re also looking forward to helping connect our CoachUp coaches to all Coaches Inc. skill clinics and combines. We foresee lots of great work and coaching opportunities coming from this relationship, and we’re looking forward for what’s to come!” This partnership follows CoachUp’s conference with the National Basketball Retired Player’s Association in Cancun at which it signed up over 20 former professional basketball players as CoachUp coaches. It is CoachUp’s intent to have the most talented coaches in the country available for private coaching sessions, and its partnership with Coaches Inc. will add many talented coaches to its service. 

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