Coach Spotlight Series: Paris Davis on Promoting His Business through CoachUp

Coach Spotlight Series: Paris Davis on Promoting His Business through CoachUp

This week’s CoachUp Spotlight features our friend Paris Davis — here he’ll be sharing his thoughts on running his own business through CoachUp, ideas for promotions, how he on-boards his clients onto the platform, and more. Believe it or not, Paris is one of our longest standing coaches on CoachUp, so he’s become an incredibly valuable resource for us as a growing company. Additionally, his own coaching business through Fitness and Beyond Programs.


CoachUp: How have you been able to use CoachUp to support and grow your own coaching business?

Paris Davis: Over the last few years, I have used several of CoachUp’s cool features to help grow our business. They provide me with a referral code that I can give to my outside clients to use when booking me through CoachUp in order to avoid their finder’s fee. The more clients I bring onto the platform, the more positive reviews I receive, and the higher I appear in the CoachUp search results.

Receiving and displaying reviews is a big feature that continues to help our business grow. They also provide me with marketing materials and reporting tools (completed sessions, remaining sessions, rebooking percentage, conversion percentage, etc.) that I can easily use to help grow and manage my business.

CU: Do you have your own coaching website? How do you use CoachUp to help athletes book sessions with you from your website?

PD: Yes, we do have a website where clients can book training. We have worked with our technology team to embed a “Book through CoachUp” button for all current and new clients. In addition, we utilize CoachUp content within our email marketing that drives clients to book through our website.

CU: What kind of promotions can and have you run to encourage athletes to book sessions with you?

PD: We typically run several promotions encouraging new clients to book sessions and past clients to rebook. Some examples of how we encourage athletes to book and rebook include:

  • Bring-a-buddy month
  • Get a free session when you purchase 3 or more sessions
  • Get free apparel when you purchase 5 or more sessions

Ultimately, these are all incentives for clients to book or rebook, which means everything. Clients are also very receptive to receiving CoachUp gear, especially if there is an incentive to keep doing sessions in the process. I know there are stipulations to creating CoachUp shirts with additional designs, but developing specialized shirts for your business would definitely encourage clients in a positive way.

CU: Have you been able to transition some of your non-CoachUp clients onto CoachUp and has this made things easier for you?

PD: Yes, we have instances where non-CoachUp clients have transitioned into CoachUp. I am able to provide clients with my referral code so that neither of us are charged CoachUp’s finder’s fee. CoachUp also periodically offers deals and giveaways that we do not, so in those cases we definitely recommend clients to book through CoachUp to take advantage of the deals.

Pro-Tip: Click the “Invite a Client” button in the “My CoachUp” tab of your dashboard to invite a client to book sessions with you.

CU: What advice do you have for new CoachUp coaches looking to get their first client?

PD: I would definitely recommend using your current clientele to help build your business on CoachUp. Start inviting, booking, and scheduling them through CoachUp — it’ll make a world of difference. On top of that, use the cool features within CoachUp to help build your profile to make you more marketable. Lastly, run your business in parallel with CoachUp so that clients can experience the benefits of both businesses.

This will add strength and credibility to your business, believe me!

Thank you, Paris! You can follow Paris on Instagram at @FandBPrograms and Twitter at @PdbeyondfitVon. If you’re ready to take your coaching game to Another Level, head over here to apply with us or check out our Help Center for Tips & Tricks on Growing Your Business! Good luck!

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