17a6630bb7024ced89f0b2581a76bacb5ecf1232We recently interviewed Coach Isiah M. for a Spotlight article. Coach Isiah coaches football with CoachUp. He has coached players one on one and in football camps, and he specializes in instructing the wide receiver position. He’s also played football throughout high school and college.

Tell us about yourself.

I have played football from the Pee Wee level to playing Division I college football. I’ve been private coaching for a year now and recently starting coaching high school football.

Why did you decide to become a private coach?

I’ve had a great supporting cast of coaches growing up that developed me to become the man I am today, both on and off the field.

What do you enjoy most about coaching?

I love seeing my clients develop into the best athletes they can. I enjoy seeing the big change and smile on their faces when they tell me they are seeing improvements.

What can a client expect from private lessons with you?

A client can expect to see a change in the first session or feel a difference in how they either coordinate themselves or mentally think about the game.

What is your coaching style or philosophy?

I feel that we are always learning in life, whether it’s from education or experiences. When I coach, I explain the reason why I’m teaching the technique and when that situation or experience would most likely tend to happen.

Who is your favorite coach and why?

My favorite coach would be Vince Lombardi. He was always prepared for situations, always had great quotes, and his football players respected him.

What is your favorite moment in your athletic career?

My favorite moment in my athletic career was playing against Notre Dame. It was our last drive in double overtime, and it was 3rd and long. They called a play for me to make a first down, and I made a 30 yard catch to set us up in position to beat such a storied program.

Do you have any success stories from coaching an athlete?

I’ve had a client for a year now. He attended a football camp this summer and was always used for examples and commended for his knowledge of the game.

Did you participate in your sport in high school and college (if so, where)?

I played basketball, football, baseball, and track and field throughout my HS career. While playing basketball, I was a two year League MVP and 1000 point scorer. I was a track and field athlete as a junior and was the Mass 200m state champion. As for football, during my junior year, I was a league MVP. I was injured my senior year, and with the help of prep school was a Boston Globe All-Scholastic where I then continued my career playing at the University of Connecticut.

What other sports or activities do you enjoy playing or practicing?

I pretty much enjoy any and every sport, as long as it’s competitive.

What is your favorite sports related movie?

My favorite sports movie would have to be Remember the Titans.

What’s your mantra or favorite saying (in the context of sport and/ or life)?

Never stop working hard because there’s always someone out there working harder than you.

What team do you root for most enthusiastically? 

I’m a Bostonian, so every New England or Boston team.

Do you have any special talents or a surprising thing someone might not know about you?

I’ve been in a Nascar race car, driving over 200 miles per hour.

Coach Isiah books private football coaching sessions on CoachUp, and his profile can be viewed here.


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