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Choosing the Right Coach for Your Needs

Whether it be your personal trainer, your private instructor, or for the team you put your athlete on, choosing the right coach can make all the difference in the success you find. That sentiment is always true, both in instances of an individual seeking instruction and in team environments. This week in the NFL, we saw it come true for the Indianapolis Colts.

The Colts got off to a very slow start to the regular season, and frustrations were high. They were labeled as preseason favorites to win their division, but dug themselves into a hole through their first eight games. Last week, the team’s front office elected to relieve Head Coach Frank Reich of his duties. In an effort to reestablish energy halfway through the season, the team’s ownership decided to hire a former player, Jeff Saturday, as the new coach.

Choosing the right coach for you can make all the difference

The decision to hire Saturday was a bit controversial, and drew out notable scrutiny across the NFL. As a former player, who had all of his success with the Colts, he was chosen to fill the role for his familiarity with the organization, and the passion that he has for the team. In the eyes of many, however, his getting a chance was unfair. He has never previously coached at the professional level—nor the collegiate level for that matter—and leap frogged a number of more qualified individuals for the position.

Here is what he had to say on the matter during his introductory press conference:

Regardless of the opinions of anyone who weighed in on the situation, Jeff Saturday found himself in a position to coach on an NFL sideline this Sunday, and he won his first game.

The Indianapolis Colts were faced with the issue of choosing the right coach to turn things around for their team. Instead of going with one of the more well-known or better qualified individuals that were available, they hired the guy that they believed in the most. When you are searching for your next coach, consider who the person is that you hire, rather than simply choosing them for their accolades and qualifications. Choosing the coach that works best for you and best suits your needs is crucial to getting to where you want to be.

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