Can Over Passing Hurt Your Team?

Is there a such thing as passing too much? Getting others involved is an important part of being a team player. But you must ask yourself:  are you still remaining a threat on the floor? 

 Let’s look at it from a defensive perspective:

  • If you were defending a quicker player who drives a lot, you would give them just enough room to prepare for the drive.
  • If you were guarding a shooter, you would ensure to have a hand to the ball and contest the shot.
  • If you were playing defense on someone that passes the ball and not looking to score, you would lay off and try to intercept passes. 

Key Point: Over passing can lead to your defender helping cover more of the floor because they do not see you as a threat. 

Let’s now look at it from an offensive perspective.

If you are passing just to pass, then you may be hurting your team. Passing should be used for the following reasons:

  • To advance the ball towards the basket or up the court
  • To get a higher percentage shot
  • To get the defense shifting for open shots and layups

Key Point: Attacking the basket and looking at the rim for a shot will not only benefit you, but your teammates as well. Defenders will become more focused on you scoring and making plays, allowing your teammates to become more open for shots. 

To become a great passer and scorer at the same time, players need to think shot (look to score) to remain a threat. Not only will this will lead to better passing opportunities for your teammates, but also more opportunities for assist and points.

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