Brushing Your Teeth for Pole Vaulters

You brush your teeth everyday, right?  Well, there are things you can do everyday to make yourself a better pole vaulter, too. Do the following drills as part of your warm-up each day to increase your approach speed, pole plant efficiency, and swing up. Count each time your take-off foot contacts the ground (your left foot if a right-handed vaulter). Start by doing each drill three times and gradually increase to six times. 

Speed Drills with the Pole

  • 10 Count Ostrich (Knee up, foot out and paw the ground like an ostrich)
  • 10 Count Majorettes (On your toes with your knees locked)
  • 10 in 10 (Your take-off foot touches the ground ten times within 10 meters)
  • 16 Count Accelerations with the Pole (Head up, knee up, toe up, heel up)

Pole Plants

Six steps total. Drop the pole tip to eye level by lifting top hand (drop two three), then roll the top hand over the chest (plant), raise the top hand to the eye (two), and extend top arm completely overhead (three).  Bottom hand acts as a fulcrum.

  • 3 Count Walking Plants (Drop two three, plant two three)
  • 3 Count Jogging Plants
  • Fast Feet Pole Plants in Place (All six steps as fast as you can)


Puddle Jumpers (On grass or turf, hold two fists higher on the pole than you can reach, execute entire six step plant, take off and ride the pole, landing on your opposite foot). 

There you have it! Good luck and happy vaulting!

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