Baseball Tips: How to Catch A Fly Ball

Want to range the outfield like a pro? Check out this baseball tip video on How to Catch a Fly Ball. If you to make routine and outstanding catches in the outfield, it is pivotal to start with the basics of outfield defense build from there. One of the most fundamental tasks to learn in baseball is how to catch a fly ball, as this will lead to you throwing the ball as quickly and efficiently as possible after the catch is made.  Here is how to catch a fly ball the right way.

  1. It is important to know where the ball is going so you can get in the right position. Read the ball off the hitters bat. You want to get to the spot where you think the ball will land and set yourself up 2-3 steps behind that spot.
  2. After you have positioned yourself properly under the ball, move your glove foot forward and position your glove directly above that lead foot.
  3. Look at the baseball until it’s all the way into your glove and come through the ball as you catch it so you can make a strong, accurate throw into the infield.

The best outfielders in the game today can track down fly balls in all directions and get themselves in proper positioning to make a play after they catch the ball. How does a great outfielder make an even better play after a great catch? They perfect the “Crow Hop.” Outfielders who combine the perfect catch with the perfect throw can change the game with just one play. Tracking down fly balls is just one element of playing baseball, in order to excel at the game you’ll need to constantly expand and develop both your offensive and defensive baseball skills.   Do your homework by reviewing game film, checking out baseball tips from experts, and, of course, practicing your discipline consistently.  Coach Chalk and other baseball coaches take pride in helping you develop these skills with their baseball tips and expert instruction, so consider adding a few in person coaching sessions into your off-season training this year.   

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