How To Steal A Base

How To Steal A Base

Transcription: “Hi, my name is Clint Chalk. I’m a former college baseball player and CoachUp coach — and this is stealing. It’s important to learn how to steal bases because it puts you that much closer to home plate and winning the game. When stealing a base, it’s important to get yourself a proper lead. A proper lead will determine how far you can get off that base in order to get back safely. So each lead could be different depending on how strong the pitcher is on picking off. You’re gonna start off your lead on the back half of the base, while stepping out with your left foot and bringing the right foot around.

You’re gonna take half steps for the rest of your lead making sure that the feet are in contact with the ground at all times. You’re gonna keep an eye on the pitcher’s back foot. That has to move first before anything else does. If the pitcher’s snap goes over here, you’re going to dive head first back to the outside half of the bag. If anything else moves and he goes to the plate, you’re gonna take off for the next base.”

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