Backyard Games for the 4th of July

It’s America’s Birthday- let’s celebrate! The 4th of July deserves not only a break from work, but also a break from your usual fitness routine. Check out CoachUp’s list of fun outdoor games to spice up your backyard BBQ and stay active on the 4th. Kan Jam: This new, exciting activity is sweeping college campuses across the nation and making its way into backyard get-togethers. Kan Jam is great party game because the rules are simple and the equipment is light and portable. Although this game may remind you of corn hole or horseshoes at first, it is much more active; Kan Jam requires lots of lunging, jumping, running, and swinging that will get your heart pumping! Kickball: Grab a ball and get a big group together to play this favorite American game. If you can’t get to a baseball field, improvise bases using natural landmarks or other various pieces; maybe even incorporate obstacles between bases to make the game even more exciting. This is a great game for all ages to get together and work up a sweat. Badminton: This classic backyard game should not be overlooked. Badminton may seem like a breeze, but it is in fact a game of skill and athleticism. Grab your birdies and rackets and head out to the backyard for this fun 4th of July activity. Potato Sack Races: You probably remember doing potato sack relay races in elementary school gym class. Bring the laughter and fun of competition back into your backyard this 4th of July. Create teams consisting of both adults and children and relay away! Just because you’re busy with 4th of July events doesn’t mean you can’t get a great workout in! Check out more of CoachUp’s resources for fun fitness tips. Enjoy!

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