Athletic Republic and CoachUp Partner Up

Athletic Republic Norwood and CoachUp announce sports partnership

Boston, MA –

Athletic Republic, a leading sports performance center based in Norwood, MA, and Boston-based CoachUp, the nation’s leader in personalized sports coaching, is excited to form a new and exciting partnership which will bring a series of sport-specific group clinics, powered by CoachUp coaches, to the Athletic Republic facility. Athletic Republic will offer CoachUp’s athletes and coaches access to its premiere indoor turf field, state of the art equipment, and its TEST-TEACH-TRAIN approach to athlete development for their sport-specific training sessions.

This approach is similar to the methods used by many of today’s top professional and Olympic athletes to improve sport and position-specific movement skills. In particular, NFL Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall trained at the Athletic Republic Norwood facility in 2012.

“We are excited to be able to provide the total package to each athlete through our partnership with CoachUp. Each athlete will not only receive sport-specific speed and strength training, but also the skills to achieve their maximum potential – all in one spot,” said Jason Sylvester, owner and head trainer of Athletic Republic Norwood.

“Athletic Republic is an ideal partner for us given their facility provides a great, multi-sport environment for our coaches, in all our top team sports, to train their athletes. Additionally, they’re on the cutting edge of speed and conditioning training, which has helped our coaches provide their clients with a richer overall experience,” said Rob Kotzen, CoachUp’s Manager of Coach Engagement.

About Athletic Republic Norwood

If you want to train to get better for your sport, Athletic Republic Performance Sports Training is your answer. Athletic Republic is not a place to simply work out — it’s where you become a better athlete. Athletic Republic seamlessly combines science and sports to make athletes of all ages and abilities faster, more agile, and more powerful. Our patented machines and proprietary programs have elevated thousands of competitors’ performances and dramatically changed the landscape of training in this country.

About CoachUp

CoachUp connects athletes of all ages and skill levels with coaches to help them reach the next level in sports and life. As the nation’s leading personalized sports coaching company, CoachUp has over 15,000 coaches across the country in 30+ sports, ranging from basketball and soccer to fitness and yoga. CoachUp helps athletes find the perfect coach to get the most out of their training. Coaches rely on CoachUp to build their web presence, market their services, and manage their business. To learn more about CoachUp, visit

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