9 Tips for Achieving Success at the College Level

Being a collegiate student-athlete takes a special person with a specific set of skills. However, being a successful student-athlete — one who excels in the classroom, on the field, and in the community — requires even more. To achieve success at the next level, you must have a certain mindset.

All student-athletes enter college wanting to succeed, but its easier said than done. To excel at anything in life, you’ll need to display a great deal of pride, belief, confidence, commitment, discipline, and focus. The opportunity to play college athletics provides athletes with a number of values, lessons, and skills learned as part of the ongoing process.

9 tips to succeed as a student-athlete in college

  • Be self-motivated
    To be the best at something there has to be intrinsic motivation. You have to want it and work hard for it!
  • Time management
    The biggest challenge for a college student-athlete is how to balance school, sports, and your social life.
  • Set goals
    You have to learn how to set goals for yourself, academic, athletic, and personal goals.
  • Manage your brand
    Maintaining a positive brand is important to your success at the next level. In this day and age, you can use your social media profiles to enhance your personal brand.
  • Learn to communicate
    Effective communication is the key to most relationships. Learning how to interact with friends, classmates, coaches, professors, and administrators is an important skill to learn.
  • Utilize your resources
    There are plenty of people on your team willing to help.  Make sure you rely on those people when necessary. Throughout college you will need help in academics, athletics, and your personal life. There is always someone to turn to, and you should never hesitate to reach out!
  • Learn from your mistakes
    Nobody is perfect. We are bound to make mistakes. Avoid repeating the mistakes that you make and instead use them as lessons to grow from.
  • Find balance
    Being a college student-athlete is very demanding. It’s important that you do your best to find balance and try to find YOU time. College is an experience that is meant to be fun, try to do things that make you happy outside of your sport.
  • Self care
    Your body will take some wear and tear, and you need to take pride in your health. That means eating right, getting enough sleep, and taking the necessary steps to help recover quickly from games and practices.

Most successful student-athletes would probably agree that although playing college sports is not easy, it is definitely a rewarding experience. Your collegiate career will be over before you know it, so savor the moment and enjoy the experience.

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