6 Tips on Being Successful in Sports and Life

What does it take to be successful in sports – or in life for that matter? It’s a question often posed, but one without a clear answer. Jordan Fliegel, CoachUp Founder and President, took a stab at answering it by taking a look at those who are already successful and outlining 6 unconventional habits of extremely successful people. Personal preferences aside, here are the six habits Fliegel outlined that can be integrated into everyones life, regardless of sport or profession.

1. Focus on small wins

Having big one, five, and ten year goals are good, but they can also seem overwhelming to achieve, stunting a persons mental ability to reach them and feel successful. Instead, athletes should focus on the small wins that eventually build up into that higher goal. Focus on becoming 1% better every day. Make small daily goals that push the needle a little bit more in the right direction.

2. Pay attention to details

Take the initiative to improve outside of practice. Educated yourself at home. Break down what your coach teaches you and dissect it until you have a superior understanding of each key principle of your training program.

3. Form the habit of saying “no”

Reduce the noise around you and focus on the task at hand. As a student athlete, there are obviously going to be a number of other responsibilities and engagements in your life other than athletics. Dedicating time to school, friends, family, and other hobbies are important parts of becoming a well-rounded adult. Get organized and block off times in your schedule for sports, school, and whatever else you want to improve upon. When outside noise tries to creep its way in and distract you during these times,  get comfortable saying no.

4. Do one thing at a time

This means avoid multitasking and live in the present. Turn off your computer or phone if it proves to be a constant outlet for procrastination. Focus on what you’re doing. You may think you can multitask a lot better than your brain actually can. If it isn’t worth your whole attention, it isn’t worth any of your attention.

5. Ask for help

Successful people know that they don’t know everything. Surround yourself with people who know the sport, or whatever you’re working on, better than you. Be a sponge. These people will help you grow. Don’t let them intimidate you. Let them elevate you.

6. Do less

Similar to the philosophy behind the habit of saying “no,” don’t fall into the disillusion that the more you do, the more successful you will become. Do less. Pick the things that you want to improve upon the most, and give them your all.

What are your goals?

Set attainable, yet important goals. Don’t be too hard on yourself; every day is a new day. Focus on getting 1% better than you were the day before. If you can successfully integrate all six of these habits into your routine, you’ll start achieving your goals.

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