1. Hire a skiing coach!

If you’ve never skied before, it can be hard and confusing, not to mention dangerous. Once a coach shows you the ropes, it’s a lot easier to get the hang of it. Having a coach in any stage of skiing also useful so you can continue to improve and work on you skiing skills.

2. Get gear.

Skiing requires a lot of equipment. You need goggles, a helmet, ski boots, poles, and most importantly skis. If you’re planning on investing in the sport, it’s worth buying gear. If not, you can just rent it at the mountain. Another thing you’ll need is a ticket to be able to ski the slopes. Most places offer special passes for the year, but if you’re only planning on skiing a few times you can just get a daily pass.

3. Know the types of slopes!

Each mountain has a key with the different intensity levels of the slopes. In order from easiest to hardest there are green circle, blue square, black diamond and double black diamond slopes. If you’re a beginner start with a green circle, also known as a “bunny slope”. Once your skiing coach thinks you’re ready, you can move up to more intense slopes.

4. Don’t be scared!

Skiing can be scarier than more conventional sports since you are on the top of a mountain, but the key is to stay confident. When starting off, stay slow and zigzag your way down the mountain. A skiing coach can help you with particular skiing tips, but the wider your turn, the slower you will move. Once you’re more confident you can start to move faster.

5. Keep your skis parallel!

This way, you won’t feel that each leg is moving in different directions. This will also help with leg injuries and staying balanced. When you stop, also keep your legs parallel and turn your feet together so they are horizontal to the top of the mountain. If anything, face your skis upwards towards the top of the mountain so you don’t fall down.

6. Bend your knees! Bending your knees, like you’re doing a squat, helps you stay balanced and gives you more control over your skis. This will also help you when trying to stop. If you’re ever feeling that you are spiraling out of control, just let yourself fall down and start again.

Once you get the hang of it, skiing is a lot of fun and always stays interesting. Try out new mountains and enjoy the beautiful views. Stay safe and to learn more about the sport, visit CoachUp to find a private skiing coach in your area!

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