Basketball Tips: Defensive Rebounding


Having trouble grabbing defensive rebounds? Watch former Bowdoin center and CoachUp coach Mark Phillips explain the basics in Basketball Tips: How To Rebound On Defense.  


Defensive rebounds secure possession for your team. Possessions lead to shots, which lead to points, which lead to wins. No defensive possession is finished until the defensive rebound is taken care of, as letting up an offensive rebound essentially resets the possession for the offense. To give yourself the best chance at coming down with the defensive rebound, it’s important to do the following:

Find the opponent’s body.

Make sure to extend your arm and lock your forearm to their chest so you know exactly where they are on the court. Identifying who you are going to box out better prepares you to grab the defensive rebound. If you find yourself ball-watching after a missed shot, you’re allowing the rebound to become a 50-50 play.

Box out your opponent.

Do this by placing your butt between them and the basket. This allows you to control their position and eliminate their progress to the ball.

Crash the boards.

Once you’ve established your position between your opponent and the basket, it’s time to crash the boards.

Remember: the defensive possession is not finished until you secure the rebound.

Grabbing defensive rebounds is essential for success and a surefire way to earn more playing time from your coach. Even if you are a guard, learning how to handle yourself in the paint is a great way to diversify your game.

If you’re looking to improve your play down low on the offensive end, the Mikan Drill is extremely effective. If you’re in search of further instruction beyond the video, there are many qualified coaches like Mark Phillips who can give you the necessary basketball tips to improve your play in the paint.

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