5 Ways to Get Motivated for Your Offseason Summer Workouts

Memorial Day is almost here. The time has finally come for pool parties, cookouts, and backyard wiffle ball. But before you get too comfortable with the idea of summer vacation, ask yourself if you have a plan for your offseason summer workouts. The offseason is one of the most important times for young athletes to continue the work they put in during the season and build upon it. When school lets out, it can be tough to stay motivated. Here are five ways to stay motivated and make sure your offseason summer workouts are productive.

Remember your competition is training

Your competition isn’t taking a break, so neither should you. Whether you’re trying to make the final roster spot on the team or just want to be able to beat your rival next season, you are always competing against someone. Keep your competition in mind this offseason, and use that as motivation to keep pushing.

Get some motivation from some of the greats

Find inspiration and motivation in some of the greatest motivational speeches of all time. Follow the link for speeches from Vince Lombardi, Rocky, Herb Brooks, and more.

Use the offseason as a chance to work on your weaknesses

If you have any weaknesses in your game (and everyone does) now is the time to work on them. Develop your speed this offseason. Work on your three point shot. Become a better ball handler. Whatever it is that makes you a liability to your team, take the summer as a chance to make that weakness a strength.

There are rewards for offseason activity

Struggling to roll out of bed early during summer vacation? It’s tempting to sleep in and relax, but you won’t develop your skills if you can’t get motivated enough to train. Think about making the team. Think about that starting position you’re trying to get. Think about that one rival you’re trying to beat. Your summer offseason is your chance to develop as a player and reach your goals. Practice makes perfect, and this is your best opportunity to see serious improvement before your next season.

Find a private coach

Your team coach is no longer running the show during the summer. You might have a captain’s practice here and there, but you’re on your own as far as sticking to your training regimen and getting the most from your offseason. A private coach can provide you with the drills and exercises you need to put your game over the edge. Your coach can also give you the motivation you need when you think about skipping a day. This Memorial Day weekend, find a coach that specializes in areas you need to improve on, and bring your game to #AnotherLevel.

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