5 Quick Tips for Learning How to Rally in Tennis

It is not uncommon for kids, and adults for the matter, to struggle to keep the ball in a rally when they first start. Whether you are playing points or just trying to hit the ball back and forth, here are some ways you can have success. Keep in mind, these strategies require you to shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. We want to remember that tennis is sending and receiving. We also want to modify the game so you can develop a particular skill. 

Ways to Keep the Ball in a Rally

1. Instead of a net, use a rope or caution tape. If the ball goes under, that is fine, use a rolling rally or dribbling.

2. Play two bounce tennis.

3. A person can trap or catch the ball and drop hit back

4. A person can trap or catch the ball and toss the ball back

5. A person can perform a two hit rally, where they tap the ball to themselves and then lift the ball over. 

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