5 Drills to Include in Your Kids’ Summer Basketball Training

This year’s NBA Playoffs have just been ridiculous! And no, I’m not talking about the Clippers ownership fiasco. I’m talking about the play on the court. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I love the game of basketball. I’ve played almost since I began to walk and talk, played in college, and play from time to time now.

New basketball experiences

Now with three kids who love basketball I get to experience it another way. Not only do I get to play, but I get to coach and teach the game of basketball. I enjoy watching the game alone, but when my kids watch it with me I see it from a totally different perspective. I’m watching to find teachable moments. It’s given me a whole new love of the game.

This summer will be the first summer that my kids will be on a travel basketball team. Our oldest two play multiple sports, so in the past summers they’d play their summer sports or just rest. This year, both of them are playing on travel teams, so we’ll be getting some hoops in throughout the summer. Find a coach that will train and challenge your young athletes to be the best players they can be!


Summer basketball training

While they’ll play a lot of games during their summer basketball leagues, I realize the best way for them to get better is to continue to learn and develop the fundamentals. So we’ll include summer basketball training.  The challenge is finding ways they can work on drills when I’m not available. CoachUp will be a huge help in this area. There are several basketball training videos that my kids can watch and follow the times when I’m at work, or not able to help them. Below are some of these videos. These five drills will become a regular part of our kids summer basketball training.

How your kids can get summer basketball training

Whether your kids are on a travel or AAU basketball team or not, I encourage you to start summer basketball training with them. If you can’t be there to train them, you can get them started with the CoachUp YouTube videos, then you can take it to another level by finding a CoachUp coach to take them through off-season basketball workouts.


What are some ways your kids will get summer basketball training in?

Jackie Bledsoe is a sports parent of three, and writes on sports parenting. He has played sports for over 30 years, including the collegiate level, and coached youth sports for the past eight years. 


photo credit: riekhavoc via photopin cc

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