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5 Core Values That Every Youth Sports Team Should Have

If every youth sports team took the time to list their core values and worked to implement them throughout the season, things might look a bit different in today’s youth sports culture. Coaches and parents are so busy buying uniforms, finding a place to practice, setting up volunteer lists, and organizing equipment that it’s way too easy for them to forget the value of youth sports. If you are a coach, or a parent with influence on your child’s team, it’s time to establish some core values for the team.

Top 5 Core Values for a Youth Sports Team

1. Strive for Excellence

Encourage each player to always do his best as he learns to master fundamentals. This does not just apply to athletic skills, but in all areas of life: cleaning the dugout, working hard in school to grades up, or doing chores at home.

2. Recognize Potential in Everyone

As parents and coaches, it’s your job to help kids find their sweet spot. Every child has potential in something. If you can recognize that, you will see a child’s potential become reality.

3. Celebrate Every Victory

Big or small. Newspaper worthy or not. There are victories in every game and in every event if you are looking for them. Don’t let them go overlooked as you strive for championships and record-breaking stats. Sometimes those small victories are the only thing that keep kids from giving up.

4. Develop Leaders

Your goal should not just be to develop good athletes, it should be to develop leaders. These kids will not be playing sports all their lives, but the game can make a lifelong influence. Some of the biggest leadership lessons my son learned were from his college coaches. You have their ears and their eyes on you; don’t waste the opportunity to make leaders of your kids.

5. Don’t Take the Game (or Yourselves) Too Seriously

Practices and games don’t always have to be all business. Lighten up! Have some fun. There is a time to laugh and a time to be serious. Find the fun balance.

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