11 Lessons Learned as a Youth Sports Parent

Your children’s character is not the only one developing through their journey as an athlete. Parents have a great deal to learn from their athletes experience in sports as well. I learned a lot over the course of 20 years as a sports mom, and am certain that I became a better parent through the process.

Here are 11 ways that youth sports influenced me as a parent

1. I learned when to keep my mouth shut

Sometimes your athlete won’t want questions after practice or after a game. You have to know your kid and let them open up when they are ready. When they are, you have to be ready to listen.

2. I learned that my worrying doesn’t help them play better

It just gives me a nervous stomach!

3. I learned to not be a control freak

Let them fight their own battles. Let them learn from their mistakes. Let them reap what they sow. Let them suffer the consequences of their choices.

4. I learned that what I model at home is what my kids model before their teammates

If I trash talk teammates or coaches, they will most likely do the same. If I am positive and build up the team and coach, they are more likely to reflect that to their team.

5. I learned to let the coach be the coach, and that I will be the parent

He has his job and I have mine. Tips and help at home are okay when asked, but pushing my kids like a coach only added tension to our relationships.

6. I learned that being positive helped me have a better relationship with my kids

Sometimes I was a negative Nancy and when I saw how this frustrated my kids, I knew I had to work on my attitude!

7. I learned that my kids want me to be their fan, but they don’t want me to embarrass them at games

Enough said.

8. I learned how ridiculous I look when I rant at the refs

And how did I learn that? By seeing how other parents look when they rant, and cringing as I remember how I screamed at the refs just the game before.

9. I learned that sometimes it’s okay to step into the fight

I’ve calmly approached refs after the game and expressed my discontent at their call. As a coach, my husband was thrown out of a game for defending his players. There is a time and a place for our kids to know that we are on their side.

10. I learned to love my kids no matter how they perform

If they had a bad game, they know it and don’t need any reminders from me. They just need my support and unconditional love.

11. I learned to respect their choices of when to play a sport and when to move on

Even though we may have been disappointed that they gave up a sport, especially when they were good players, we knew that if they didn’t have the desire to play, it would be a season of battles and negative attitudes.

lessons learned by sports parents

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